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Camping Sereď

Starý most 3091

926 01, Sereď


Mob: +421 903 934 506

About us

Camping Sereď is a leisure resort and it is an ideal place for your stay not only because of the nature surrounded but also for the possibility to have fun on smaller and bigger events. The complex is located outside Sereď, directly in the countryside and a few meters from the river Váh.



Motorcyclists are as well welcome, and they can benefit from the whole area, as it is enclosed and free of charge. As the area is located at the bank of the river Váh, it offers a perfect stop-over for boaters who navigable rivers Váh and may stop in camping for refreshments. In addition, there is a bicycle track near Camping, which is close to the nearest town or village. Comfortable seating during the winter cold months is more pleasant with a fireplace in the Hall and with a good cup of tea with rum or hot wine you will get you to the right mood.

Concerts, festivals, live performances, competitions in goulash cooking or disco`s are just some of the actions that our camping offers. Camping offers quality service in accommodation, catering, leisure, sports, and camping.

Goulash soup competition 2014, FFUD Festival

FFUD Festival

Nice atmosphere in the campsite will drive you to other ideas and diversify your stay with your family or friends. We offer billiards, table football or TV for sports fans which will keep you excited after a busy day.


We offer the Hall and kitchen services for various events whether it will be a training, presentations, meeting with friends or luncheons and dinners. We are open throughout the year. Camping offers a wide range of interests for everyone to fit your mood, taste and age.

Billiard and the Hall


Children`s house

Outside seating

camping area

camping surroundings

Bycicle track


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