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Attractions in the area

Aquapark Galanta - 13 km

Aqua Park Galandia Galanta is open for visitors since 2007. Water temperature is around 28ºC, but for the visitors the geothermal water is heated to a temperature up to 36ºC. Unfortunately, it has no therapeutic effects. Aqua park Galandia is located outside of the city, direction a Kaskády complex. The city center is directly connected to the existing sports and recreational areas of Galanta city.

Thermal pools Vincov Forest - 13 km

Thermal pool Vincov forest is located in southern Slovakia near the state road Galanta - Sládkovičovo, about 55 km from Bratislava. There is a thermal well in the area from which thermal water flows with a temperature up to 62 degrees Celsius. Many people attribute this water a healing properties and therefore visit Vincov forests pools for its healing effects.

Water reservoir Kráľová - Cascades - 15 km

Educational and recreational center, Kaskády, is located in the heart of floodplain forests, a few meters from the protective dyke of the Waterworks Kráľová, the fourth largest water reservoir in Slovakia.

Historical city - Trnava - 15 km

Trnava, one of the most significant cities in Slovakia, located in the center of Trnava hills at an altitude of 146 m. In addition to the Slovak capital, Bratislava, it is close to major European cities of Vienna and Budapest. City plays an important role in the secondary core so called Central European region, which is part of the European production triangle Paris - Berlin - Vienna, and forms the basis of the European economy. Region is situated in the geographical center of Europe and borders on three countries: Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. The region belongs to the most developed regions.

Horné Saliby Thermal pool - 20 km

Since end of 2003, the thermal spa in Horné Saliby there is a new relaxation complex open all year round, which was co-financed by the European Union under the SAPARD program. Opening hours are from 10 am to 10pm, from 9am during the summer to 10pm. There is a relaxation pool hall as a part of the complex with resting area and mini press service. The pools are equipped with attractions such as: gargoyles, bottom air geyser, wall hydro-massages and air massage grates. On the second floor there is area designed for relaxation of visitors.

Historical city – Nitra – 23 km

There are not many places that Mother Nature gave us such a beautiful environment and convenient location as Nitra. It says that was (like Rome), based on seven hills - the Zobor, castle hill, Calvary, Čermáň, Borina, Na vŕšku, and the top and Martin's hill. With its name it is associated with the beginning of a Slovak history, the names of Pribina, Svätopluk, Saint Cyril and Saint Method, as well as a note about the first Christian church on our region and the creation of the first Slavonic alphabet.

Červený kameň castle - 25 km

Červený kameň castle specializes in the development of the culture of the Slovakia`s nobility and bourgeoisie. It is open all year long except December 24, 25, 26 and January 1 and Mondays from October 1 to April 30, but organizes events for visitors especially during high-season from May 1 to September 30.

Smolenice castle - 30 km

Smolenice Castle location is on the north side of the Smolenice village. It was built in the beginning of our century on the ruins of an old castle. The old castle was built in the middle of the 15th century. An individual owners increased its magnification and adapted it to their needs and tastes.

Historical city Bratislava - 45 km

Bratislava is a city rich in monuments, many of which are located in the Old City. Urban conservation area is one of the largest in Slovakia. Bratislava Castle is a 4-tower dominant feature, which is located next to the National Council of the Slovak Republic and near Saint Martin's Cathedral. The most striking modern building is the new bridge on the Danube, the largest suspended bridge in the world with a single pillar and one suspension plane. In 2001 the building was declared a construction of a century in Slovakia as bridge construction.

Zámok Bojnice - 90 km

Bojnice castle is one of the most romantic and most visited cultural monuments in Central Europe. The interior of the castle shows a number of art - historical exhibits gathered particularly by last owner of the castle earl Ján František Pálfi.

ZOO Bojnice - 90 km

ZOO Bojnice belongs to the general type of ZOO`s, e.g. no clear-cut specialization. In the past, greater attention was paid lynx, runners, deer and ungulates Bovidae. Today, the zoo is gradually trying to focus on rare and endangered species.


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